Publié le February 19, 2020 | Updated on February 19, 2020

Aydogdy Kurbanov :Defining transitions in Central Asia

Dashly-depe excavations (Turkmenistan)

After several seasons, Dashly-depe, delivered during 2017-2018 excavation season signs of occupation in the Iron Age. The chronological sequence covered, from the Chalcolithic period to the Iron Age, makes it a unique site in this region.

An on-line article from Aydogdy Kurbanov (in French) : ArchéOrient - Le Blog, 14 février 2020,

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     Aydogdy Kurbanov is a historian and archaeologist who specializes in the study of the Prehistoric and Early Medieval Central Asia and a 2019-2020 Collegium de Lyon fellow.