Publié le April 12, 2024 | Updated on April 12, 2024

Brady Wagoner : Historical Reenactment

New Ways of Experiencing History

Long dismissed as the domain of hobbyists and obsessives, historical reenactment—the dramatization of past events using costumed actors and historical props—has only in recent years attracted serious attention from scholars. Drawing on examples from around the world, Historical Reenactment offers a fascinating, interdisciplinary exploration of this cultural phenomenon. With particular attention to reenactment’s social and pedagogical dimensions, it develops a robust definition of what the practice constitutes, considers what methodological approaches are most appropriate, and places it alongside museums and memorial sites as an object of analysis.

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    Brady Wagoner completed his doctorate in social and political sciences at the University of Cambridge and is now Full Professor at Aalborg University and Oslo New University College. He publishes on memory studies, the history of psychology, cultural psychology, political psychology, and social change. His recent books include The Constructive Mind: Bartlett’s Psychology in Reconstruction (CUP, 2017) and The Oxford Handbook of Culture and Memory (OUP, 2018). He has received a number of prestigious awards, including the Humboldt Prize in 2021.
    Il a été Fellow 2021 au Collegium de Lyon.


    Mario Carretero is Full Professor at Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain, where he was Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, and Researcher at FLACSO, Argentina.

    Everardo Perez-Manjarrez is a research professor at the National Distance Education University (Spain), and a visiting scholar at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, (USA).