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Conditions for Residencies

Each academic year, the Collegium de Lyon invites approximately 15 outstanding researchers, most of whom hold a position abroad, selected by an international Scientific Advisory Board.


As a rule stays at the Collegium de Lyon, run for ten months from September to June. Five-month residencies, from September to February or from February to June, may also be accepted. However, such shorter stays are not the norm, as they are often too short to allow researchers to fully integrate to the cohort at the Institute and the academic community of the Université de Lyon. Stays outside this frame or spanning several academic years are excluded, both for academic and logistical reasons: the site is closed during summer, other types of stay would interfere with planning scientific activities, and concerns about the occupancy of the residence.

Since February 2016, fellows have enjoyed a dedicated residence located on the Descartes campus of the ENS de Lyon. New Collegium de Lyon offices were also opened in September 2016 near the residence and the main academic library of the academic site. Fellows enjoy easy access to the large scientific infrastructure of the Université de Lyon and the wide range of cultural resources available in the Lyon metropolitan area.


Academic Life


Fellows are relieved of their usual teaching or administrative duties at their home institution, so they are free to pursue their fundamental research full-time and participate in the scientific activities of the Collegium de Lyon.

The Collegium de Lyon offers each fellow a workspace with the equipment and supplies they require. In order to develop exchanges between each cohort of fellows, they are expected to make regular use of this workspace. As a general rule, fellows are expected to spend around 90% of their time in Lyon, so that they may participate regularly in the social and scientific life of the Institute.

The Collegium de Lyon does not fund research expenses (travel, participation in scientific events, etc.) outside the Lyon/Saint-Etienne academic site.

A weekly seminar, followed by a shared lunch, provides each fellow with the possibility to present their research project and progress. Regular evening gatherings are organized for their families and scientific partners.

Fellows’ scientific integration to the research teams of the academic site is facilitated by a scientific partner who works on a related topic in a laboratory of the academic site. This person is selected before the beginning of the stay, in coordination with the fellow.




Fellows are hosted in a dedicated luxury residence located on the Descartes campus of the ENS de Lyon (close to the Debourg metro and tramway stations). They have access to the gardens and sport facilities.

The residence includes 14 apartments, ranging from one-bedroom to three-bedroom apartments, assigned in priority to researchers who come with their families. These apartments are fully-furnished and equipped, with an Internet connection. Fellows may remain in the same apartment for the duration of their stay.


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The Collegium de Lyon fellows remain employed by their home institution and do not sign a work employment contract with the Institute. They are usually on sabbatical. It is the fellow's responsibility to request that their home institution maintain their full or partial salary. Being selected for the Collegium de Lyon does not create a hierarchical, employer-employee relation. The intellectual property of the research done by the fellow remains fully in their possession and in that of their home institution.

The Collegium de Lyon provides an additional stipend designed to cover the extra cost of a research stay abroad in France. The amount is fixed and depends on the age of the fellow. The stipend is not negotiable and is the same for each fellow (depending on their junior or senior category). It generously covers the cost of living in Lyon, and the fellow may choose to direct it to funding their scientific activities (travels, registrations to scientific events, buying books or IT equipment, etc.).

A return ticket from the fellow's home institution to Lyon is also covered, as well as any immigration fees (visa, OFII). The fellow is provided with free accommodation in the dedicated residence (depending on availability and the size of the fellow's family). The Institute can provide fellows with the relevant information to help them highlight these advantages when negotiating with their home institution.

The Collegium de Lyon does not cover insurance costs, which must be paid by the fellow.


Administrative Support

A dedicated Collegium de Lyon assistant is available to help fellows complete their administrative procedures before, during and after their stay, and when they organize scientific events. Fellows who come with their family also receive specific support for:

  • Children education (an international school is located near the residence)
  • Possible scientific integration of their partners
  • Assistance with administrative steps
  • French language classes


Fellows live on the ENS de Lyon campus and have access to its library. The may also use its electronic resources. They may borrow the publications available in the Denis Diderot library, or they can order additional publications using the interlibrary scheme (PEB).