Publié le April 9, 2024 | Updated on April 9, 2024

Emmanuel Delille : Psychiatric epidemiology in historical perspective

History of Psychiatry, vol. 35(1), 2024

Recent historiography has revealed a growing interest in the developments of psychiatric epidemiology. This volume aims to explicitly tackle the problem of transforming a diversity of knowledge into a structured scientific unit. Furthermore, it aims to answer this by bringing together historical studies that demonstrate how epistemic authority has led to the hierarchization of knowledge and the institutionalization of psychiatric epidemiology. Interdisciplinary research teams are traced back in history, and their organization is interrogated. Tracing the history of psychiatric epidemiology involves an exploration of disciplinary divisions of labour, such as how survey methods are based on theoretical frameworks, how research programmes are regulated with political and moral ideals, and how the wider public recognizes public health expertise.

Special magazine issue available: Sage Journals

This publication is linked to Emmanuel Delille's 2018-19 research stay at the Collegium.
  • Author(s)
    Emmanuel Delille, historian, teaches in the Department of Contemporary History at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and is a researcher at the Marc Bloch Centre (Berlin).
    He was a 2018-2019 fellow at the Collegium de Lyon.

    Samuel Lézé is Maître de Conférences HDR at the IRHIM, ENS de Lyon.