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Governance and Administration

Board of the Collegium de Lyon


The Board plans the Collegium de Lyon’s strategy and main scientific orientations and votes on its annual budget.

Led by the president of the Université de Lyon, it includes the directors of each member institution of the Université de Lyon, representatives from the local authorities who co-fund the Institute, and the president of the Fondation pour l'Université de Lyon.


Executive Committee of the Collegium de Lyon


The Executive Committee prepares and implements the decisions of the Board. One of its tasks is to confirm the list of applications for research stays at the Institute selected by the Scientific Advisory Board. It also decides the amount of the grants provided to fellows.

The Executive Committee is led by the president of the Université de Lyon and also includes representatives from five institutions of the Université de Lyon, appointed for one year by the Board, from among its members




Founded by the historian Olivier Faron (2006-2010), the linguist Alain Peyraube (2010-2016) and the historian Hervé Joly (2016-2022), the Institute is currently managed since June 2022 by the philosopher Jean-Michel Roy.