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Geomorphology - United States

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Operationalizing Riverscapes Consortium Services into Practice

The purpose of the project is to innovate the deployment of Riverscapes Consortium ( please specify brieflyan international collaboration of researchers, managers and practitioners aiming to raise awareness of threats and solutions for rivers similar to what the IPCC did for climate) data sets, models and tools into broad adoption by European practitioners, managers and researchers to help improve riverscape health. Specifically, this project will facilitate a strategic collaboration between the applicant and the researchers of the EUR H2O’Lyon to implement a shared web interface for accessing riverscape data sets, models and tools. This effort is about innovation – getting the products of our science into practice and management to solve urgent societal challenges. We propose to build capacity with researchers at H2O Lyon to deploy tools to tackle the challenges of restoring and conserving healthy, resilient riverscapes by engaging with European practitioners.

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Joe Wheaton is a Professor of Riverscapes at Utah State University. He co-founded the Riverscapes Consortium, and has workedsince 2000 in riverscape restoration as both a researcher and practitioner.