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"Analysis of cellular and tissue changes in degenerative diseases"

The human and animal organism is formed by a complex interaction between different cell types and enormous molecular diversity. These interactions define the morphological and functional characteristics, particular to each tissue of the organism. The perfect functioning of the organs is the result of the constant maintenance of these interactions and their loss characterizes a pathological process (disease). The first step in the search for the treatment of a disease is the understanding of the mechanisms involved in the loss of these tissue interactions. Our research project aims to understand the tissue alterations present in the skin and in the aorta artery of patients with a degenerative genetic disease known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, through the use of an experimental model.

Activities / Resume

Dr. Borges is a professor and researcher at the Federal University of São Paulo, visiting professor at the University of Paris, collaborator at CNRS/LBTI/University Lyon 1, specialist in bio-imaging and for more than two decades he has been dedicated to understanding tissue changes in degenerative diseases of the human aorta.