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Political science - China

Research topics


Politics and Religion in Modern Society: a Study of French Liberalism from Montesquieu to Tocqueville

Contemporary liberalism, which bears a responsibility for the current crisis of liberal democracy, has shown a tendency to become a discourse of rights that seeks to defend and continually expand individual rights in all fields, to the detriment of the political and religious dimensions central to original modern liberalism, as can be seen in the French liberal tradition from Montesquieu to Tocqueville. This project study the explorations of the meaning of political and religious life for modern society in French liberal tradition in order to propose a reflection on this crisis of liberal democracy. It will first analyze some fundamental aspects of the picture of modernity presented by the French liberals to show their understanding of the complexity of the tensions at work in modernity. Secondly, It will discuss in their political projects for modernity the constitutionalism that protects individual freedom and the political liberty that transforms the individual into the citizen. Thirdly, it will treat their efforts to find a religious life that would allow modern individuals to (re) discover the transcendence and the spiritual solidarity with their fellow citizens. Finally, it will try to construct the theoretical value of modern French liberalism by comparing it with contemporary liberal theories, in order to elaborate a reflection on the crisis and the prospects of liberal democracy.

Activities / Resume


Ming CHONG is associate professor (tenured) in the History Department at the University of Pékin. His research focuses on intellectual and political history of modern France. Particular interests include French liberalism from Montesquieu to Tocqueville and the political thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. He is the author of Create Liberty: Tocqueville’s Reflections on Democracy. (Shanghai Sanlian, 2014) and Enlightenment, Revolution and Liberty: Essays on Modern French Politics and Ideas. (Shanghai Sanlian, 2018). He has also been editing a Chinese selection of Tocqueville’s works in several volumes. He received his BA in history from Nanjing University (1996), MA (1999) and Ph. D (2003) in history from Peking University. After teaching at Beijing Normal University and at the East China Normal University, he joined the University of Pékin on summer 2019. He did a post-doctoral program in École Normale Supérieure (2003-2005), and had been visiting scholar in Centre de Études Sociologiques et Politiques Raymond Aron at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, and at Harvard University.



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