Mathias Kondolf wins the Aspen Institute Italia Award 2021

On The April 5, 2021

Strategic hydropower planning in the Mekong highlights challenges and opportunities for the global green energy transition.

“Improved trade-offs of hydropower and sand connectivity by strategic dam planning in the Mekong”. This study won the sixth edition of the Aspen Institute Italia Award for collaboration and scientific research between Italy and the United States.
Four scientists from institutions in the United States and Italy are working on this ongoing effort to reduce impacts of the global clean energy transition on rivers and livelihoods.
The authors of the research project are the following:

  • Simone Bizzi
  • Andrea Castelletti
  • G. Mathias Kondolf
  • Rafael J.P. Schmitt
G. Mathias Kondolf  is Professor of Environmental Planning in UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design, where he teaches courses in hydrology, river restoration, and environmental sciences. He had been a  2017-18 fellow at the Collegium de Lyon.