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Biomedical engineering - Japan

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Micro electronic fiber-based multiplexed neurochemical sensors

Worldwide, billions of individuals suffer from variousforms of brain disorders. To search for effective therapeutic strategies, it requires the mechanistic understanding of the functional neural circuits involved from the molecular, cell, circuit, and system levels to behavioral levels ones. Such endeavor ultimately relies on engineering innovations to establish making possible an interface that matches this multi-levelcomplexity. The critical issue in current neural interface resides at in insufficient capabilities to investigate in-brain chemistry dynamically with high chemical, temporal, and spatial resolutions. The central objective of this proposal is to approach these attributes by designing and developing a flexible nano-/microelectronic fiber-based neural interface for multiplexed neural chemical sensing and imaging.

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Yuanyuan Guo obtained her PhD from Tohoku University (Japan) in 2017. Then she joined the Graduate School of Life Sciences as assistant professor and later the Frontier Research Institute of Interdisciplinary Sciences as PI for the development microelectronicfiber-based biointerfaces.