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[PODCAST] Confluence of Research Worlds: a series to listen to

Acton Crawford (Unsplash)
Acton Crawford (Unsplash)

Confluence of Research Worlds - The Collegium Interviews: A Podcast Series for Exploring Cutting-Edge Research with Fellows.

  Zhanna Karimova investigates the journey of French female prisoners from France to the Gulag in Kazakhstan

  Take a deep dive into the clandestine literature of the 18th century in France with Émilie du Châtelet and Natalia Zorrilla Sirlin

  Luca Ciucci and the Quest for Ancient Zamuco Across Bolivia and Paraguay

  Studying linguistic typology within the astonishing diversity of languages in Dagestan with Michael Daniel

  With Iryna Teslenko, glazed ceramics bear witness to the major upheavals in the northern Black Sea region between the 13th and 15th centuries

  Dissecting the strange familiarity and uncanny relationships between humans and simians in the Enlightenment era with Alan Ross