Symposium / Seminar

Poetics and politics. New Euripides Readings

From June 27, 2019 to June 29, 2019

June 27th and 29th : Grand Amphi de la MILC (35 rue Raulin, Lyon7e) 
June 28th : Amphi Descartes, ENS de Lyon (Parvis Descartes, Lyon 7e)
Stéphane Gerbaud, sculpeur, Au théâtre de Dionysos
Stéphane Gerbaud, sculpeur, Au théâtre de Dionysos

Complex combination of allusions to the politics of his time and universal reflections on politics, the tragic art of Euripides gives to see and hear the power relations that pass through the city - his, that is to say the imperialist Athens of the fifth century. BC.and beyond, any city.

This international colloquium organized by HiSoMA in Lyon from June 27th to June 29th 2019 gathers some of the best Greek tragedy specialists and postgraduate students. It is one outcome of Boris Nikolsky's stay at the Collegium in 20018-2019 and his collaboration with members of HiSoMA. The main purpose is to merge social, political, anthropological and religious approaches, but also (meta-) poetic, structural, dramaturgical and musical to reflect on the articulation between poetic form and political mode of thought, between show and civic action. A rond-table "poetics and politics in contemporary theater" will provide a comparison point with our news.

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