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Scientific program

By providing freedom of research to a community of outstanding researchers, the Collegium de Lyon’s primary aim is to build a high-level scientific community centered on the humanities and social sciences that is open cross-cutting research projects incorporating the hard sciences, offering a truly novel interdisciplinary perspective. With this in mind, the Institute extends invitations to internationally-renowned researchers, professors and scholars.

It is open to all original and outstanding individual projects from a large range of disciplines, research topics and societal questions.

Fellows are selected primarily based on two criteria:


  • Scientific excellence, and particularly the innovative aspect of the project, which is expected produce significant new knowledge on a given topic
  • Their relevance to the research potential of the Lyon academic site (see the overview of research at the Université de Lyon) and their willingness to develop effective collaborations with the relevant laboratories
Generally speaking, in parallel with the existing scientific collaborations, preference will be given to projects that match one of the three main academic fields of the Université de Lyon's Initiative of excellence (IDEX): BioHealth and Society, Sciences and Engineering, Humanities and Urbanity.