UCLY-Chaire Unesco "The challenges of the duty to remember" with Lindsey Dodd, Maria De Jesus & Sonia Mbarek

From February 6, 2020 to February 8, 2020

UCLY - Amphithéâtre Alain Mérieux
10 Place des Archives - 69002 Lyon

From the challenges of the duty to remember to the problems of justice, peace and reconciliation in post-conflict societies: between particular cultural traditions and universality of the human rights, necessities for justice, forgiveness and the rule of law ...

With the participation of :
Lindsey DODD ( 2018-2019 Collegium Fellow)
Sonia MBAREK (2019-2020 Collegium Fellow)
Maria DE  JESUS (2019-2020 Collegium Fellow)

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