Zahra Kouzeghari : The representation of female warriors, from the Amazons to Lara Croft.

On The February 13, 2024

Soirée Regards sur les Héroïnes
7.00 pm - Room Jean Vilar
Scène Nationale de Bourg-en-Bresse, 9 Cours de Verdun, Bourg-en-Bresse
Lorado (Istock)
Lorado (Istock)

Excavations in 1880 on the island of Björkö in Sweden uncovered a tomb containing the remains of a valiant warrior. Alongside the skeleton were numerous artefacts, including a sword, a spear, an axe, arrows, and even the remains of two sacrificial horses. Recent studies in 2017 revealed that the warrior was, in fact, a woman. This article explores the representation of women warriors, from the Amazons to Lara Croft, through the lenses of archaeology and pop culture. It is presented in partnership with ALTEC.

Zahra Kouzehgari is an associated researcher in CNRS, University of Lumiere Lyon 2, and Archéorient Laboratory, France Lyon. Her main research studies ancient weapons, warfare archaeology, military architecture, and warfare tactics during the Late Bronze and Iron Ages in the Iranian Plateau. She is a Fellow of the Collegium de Lyon in 2023-24.

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