Zhanna Karimova : Max Weber Centre Interdisciplinary Seminar

On The April 12, 2024

MSH LSE, Espace Marc Bloch
14 avenue Berthelot, Lyon 7

From 9.00 am

Marcin Czerniawski (Unsplash)
Marcin Czerniawski (Unsplash)


The Max Weber Centre's transversal seminar has organised its second session for the 2024 edition. The session will feature presentations from Estelle Herbaut, Zhanna Karimova, and Frédéric Rasera.
  • Estelle Herbaut, a CNRS researcher (Junior Professorship) from the DPCS team at the Max Weber Centre, will present on the topic of 'Paternal involvement and the internalisation of gender roles in young children'.
  • Zhanna Karimova is a visiting researcher at the Max Weber Centre (DVP team) and a resident at the Collegium - Institut d'études avancées de l'Université de Lyon for 2023-2024. Her presentation is titled 'Living in a context of repression: stories of women 'enemies of the people' in a Kazakh gulag'.
  • Frédéric Rasera, a lecturer at Université Lumière Lyon 2 and a member of the CMW MEPS team, gave a speech titled 'Getting rich through football? On the social conditions of patrimonial accumulation.'

Summaries of the presentations can be found in the online announcement.


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