Amanda Frost: The revocation of citizenship

Le 14 novembre 2019


University of London Institute in Paris
9-11 rue de Constantine, 75007 Paris - France

Amanda Frost, Professor of law (Washington College of Law) présente "Alienating Citizens" dans le cadre de la conférence.

Denaturalization is back. In 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that denaturalization for any reason other than fraud or mistake in the naturalization process is unconstitutional, forcing the government to abandon its aggressive denaturalization campaigns. For the last half century, the U.S. government denaturalized no more than a handful of people every year, some years none. Over the past year, however, the Trump Administration has revived denaturalization. The administration has targeted over 700,000 naturalized American citizens for investigation and has hired dozens of lawyers and staff members to work in a newly-created office devoted to investigating and prosecuting denaturalization cases.