An Van linden: Let’s give hands – and arrows: (in)alienable possession in Amazonian languages and beyond

On The September 28, 2020

26 Place Bellecour - Lyon

This talk introduces the notion of inalienable possession – an area where human cognition and grammar intertwine – and looks at inalienability phenomena in Harakmbut, an endangered isolate language spoken in the Peruvian Amazon.

One of these phenomena include bound nouns, or obligatorily possessed nouns, which are ubiquitous in indigenous South American languages. The talk also surveys inalienability phenomena from different languages in other areas of grammar, and presents the goals of this research stay within language description and typology, as well as psycholinguistics.

An Van linden is associate professor of English language and linguistics at the University of Liège and affiliated researcher in the research unit Functional and Cognitive Linguistics at the University of Leuven, and a 2020-2021 Fellow at the Collegium de Lyon.