Aude-Claire Fourot: Reception and Resettlement of Exiles in France - Local Perspectives

On The February 3, 2020

10h00 - 12h00
26, Place Bellecour - 69002 Lyon
Salle de réunion - Allée A - 1er étage

This presentation aims to provide an overview of the resettlement and the reception of exiles in French cities since 2015. After a brief contextualization of the so-called "refugee crisis," Dr. Aude-Claire Fourot will present preliminary results on the local impacts of international migration.

In particular, she will discuss three processes that are central to understand the multi-level governance of migration:

  1. the interplay between the supranationalization and subnationalization of policies
  2. the effects of metropolization and metropolanization
  3. as well as the geographical dispersion of immigration
Aude-Claire Fourot joined the Simon Fraser University Department of Political Science in 2011, where she teaches Canadian politics and public policy.