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History of Psychiatry, September 2018: "Historicizing Transcultural Psychiatry"

DELILLE Emmanuel, CROZIER Ivan (ed.)

Publication d'un numéro spécial de la revue History of Psychiatry par Emmanuel DELILLE, chercheur à l'Université Humboldt (Allemagne) et fellow en résidence au Collegium de Lyon 2018-19, en partenariat avec Ivan CROZIER.


Race, alcohol and general paralysis: Emil Kraepelin’s comparative psychiatry
and his trips to Java (1904) and North America (1925)

Eric J Engstrom and Ivan Crozier
Eric Wittkower and the foundation of Montréal’s Transcultural
Psychiatry Research Unit after World War II

Emmanuel Delille
Culture and psychism: the ethnopsychoanalysis of Georges Devereux
Alessandra Cerea
The politics and practice of Thomas Adeoye Lambo: towards a
post-colonial history of transcultural psychiatry

Matthew M Heaton
Evaluating the Aboriginal child’s mind: assimilation and cross-cultural
psychology in Australia

David Robertson
Henri Collomb and the emergence of a psychiatry open to otherness
through interdisciplinary dialogue in post-independence Dakar

René Collignon

Classic Text No. 115

`Mental diseases peculiar to certain cultures: a survey of comparative
, by Pow Meng Yap (1951); with an Introduction by Ivan Crozier

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  • Références
    Emmanuel Delille, Ivan Crozier, Historicizing transcultural psychiatry, History of Psychiatry, Volume 29, Issue 3, Number 115, pp. 255-386 September 2018