Symposium / Seminar

International Study Day "Central Asia, Crossroads of Global Society : a multidisciplinary view of social trajectories and dynamics"

On The May 29, 2024

ENS de Lyon, Descartes site, 15 parvis René Descartes, Lyon 7
Room D2-034
®Alexander Serzhantov (Unsplash)
®Alexander Serzhantov (Unsplash)

What are the contemporary social dynamics in Central Asia and how do global dynamics permeate the region? How can the analysis of personal and collective trajectories contribute to an understanding of these dynamics on a regional scale and from a global perspective? This study day aims to provide some answers to these questions from the perspective of various disciplines - history, geography, sociology, anthropology, public law and political science - and at the crossroads of two intellectual traditions, that of Kazakhstan and that of France.