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Archeology - Iran

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 Although the highlands of North-Western Iran and the Southern Caucasus constitute a fairly homogenous geographical area, the prehistory of these regions has never been investigated in a comprehensive way. This research project aims at a new reconstruction of the later prehistory of these areas during the 5th – 3rd millennia through a collaboration with the scholars of Archeorient (CNRS-UMR 5133) working on the Southern Caucasus. Through discussions and workshops, we will investigate the structural roots and development of social complexity during the Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze Age. This research project give an opportunity to study the archaeological materials from Kul Tepe Jolfa and Dava Göz Khoy, which were both excavated in 2010-2013 and 2012. This work will be carried out together with specialists from different disciplines in order to contextualise the social changes perceptible in the technological, productive and territorial fields. The results of the work carried out during ten months at the Collegium de Lyon will be materialized in three articles: the first will be focussed on the Kul Tepe excavations (multi-period settlement), the second on Dava Göz (chalcolithic camp-site) and the third discuss the provenance of the prehistoric obsidian of Kul Tepe and Dava Göz; these project will constitute the most updated source of information on these research projects. This will be a unique opportunity to shed some new light on the archaeology of the region and to update the chronological table of NW Iran from the Neolithic to the end of the Bronze Age.

Activities / Resume


Akbar Abedi, was born in Jolfa (Iran) on 16th of December 1986. He is Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Archaeometry in Tabriz Islamic Art University, where he teaches courses in prehistoric archaeology of Iran, archaeometry, and excavation field methods in archaeology and archaeometry. He attended a MSc in Prehistoric Archaeology at "Tarbiat Modarres University of Tehran", Iran. His Ph.D, based at “ University of Tehran ”, focused on "the Process of Transition from Late Chalcolithic to Early Bronze Age and the Expansion of Kura-Araxes Culture into NW Iran during 4th and 3rd Millennium B.C", and was defended in 2015. With a background in Prehistoric Archaeology of Iran and Southern Caucasus, he conducts three research project on Neolithic to Iron Age sites of Kul Tepe Jolfa (2010-2013), Dava Göz Khoy (2012) and Tepe Silveh Piranshahr (2016-2017), in north-western Iran with emphasis on transition process from Chalcolithic to Bronze Age and the expansion of Kura-Araxes in north-western Iran and exploitation of raw materials (obsidian) and prehistoric trade.
A. Abedi is Assistant professor in Tabriz Islamic Art University, Department of Archaeology and Archaeometry from 2014 to present and director of three research projects of Kul Tepe Jolfa (2010-2013), Dava Göz Khoy (2012) and Tepe Silveh Piranshahr (2016-2017).



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