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Philosophy and Monstrosity in the 17th century

The main objective of this project is to reconstruct the role, status, and function of the concept of monstrosity. The research will roughly cover the period between the renaissance of Atomism in the late 16th century and the critique of mechanicism at the beginning of the 18th century.
The broad area of enquiry of this project is the changing image of nature and man in the period of the scientific revolution. I intend to analyse the idea that monstrosity plays in the birth of modern philosophy and its effects on the new image of man, god, and the world.

Activities / Resume


Filippo Del Lucchese is Senior Lecturer in History of Political Thought at Brunel University, London, and Senior Research Associate, University of Johannesburg.
His research interests are in the early modern period (from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment), history of philosophy and Marxism. He has been a Marie Curie fellow (Occidental College, Los Angeles and Université de Picardie, Amiens), and holds degrees from the universities of Pisa and Paris-Sorbonne.



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