Publié le November 6, 2019 | Updated on November 6, 2019

Maria De Jesus & Carissa Hernandes: Generalized Violence as a Threat to Health and Well-Being

A Qualitative Study of Youth Living in Urban Settings in Central America’s “Northern Triangle”

El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras rank among the top 10 countries experiencing violence in the world, despite not being at war. Although there is abundant literature on generalized violence in this “northern triangle” of Central America as a driver of out-migration to the United States, very little is known about the perspectives and experiences of youth who do not migrate.

This study aimed to elicit the emic perspectives of youth residing in the region on how the day-to-day generalized violence produces a pervasive threat to the overall health and human security of youth as well as the key protective factors and resiliencies at work.

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