Sverre Raffnsøe : in "Wednesdays of the Anthropocene" - Ecole Urbaine de Lyon

On The November 4, 2020

The Anthropocene as a cosmological turn

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The Anthropocene as a cosmological turn Animation : Michel Lussault, Professor at the École normale supérieure de Lyon, director of the École urbaine de Lyon

An inexperienced, intimate and precarious relationship has developed between humanity and the earth. So far, scientists have failed to recognize it by maintaining a clear division between humans and nature. The close interaction between the two involves a new conception of the world order and the role humans play in it. This change in cosmology influences the relationships between scientific disciplines, politics and morals.


Sverre Raffnsøe is is Professor of Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School and editor-in-chief of the international journal Foucault Studies and a 2020-2021 fellow at the Collegium de Lyon.