The imaginary and symbolic world of the first farmers of levant between 9500 BC and 7000 BC

On The June 11, 2019

10h00 à 12h00
Salle de réunion - Allée B - Rez-de-chaussée

During this lecture presented by Thaer YARTAH, we will try, through the architectural and symbolic data of Tell ' Abr 3 and other Neolithic sites in levant, to penetrate more closely into the symbolic thought and mental constructions of Neolithic communities in this area.

The representation of the world, the community and human find its expression visible in myths, beliefs of which we only find material manifestation belonging to the symbolic universe. This probably isn't a novelty inaugurated by Neolithic communities in the Middle East. What's new at this time, is both the diversity and the number of these preserved manifestations, as well as their renewal compared to earlier periods of prehistory.

The Neolithic man is changing his mode of representation of the world. The art of these early villagers is obviously figurative, in the sense that certain representations, essentially animal, are perfectly identifiable to us, but it is also an art highly symbolic by the multiplication of the signs arranged in the architectural devices and on objects.

The corpus of data, which 20 years ago was still limited to figurines, expanded to the monumental art, carved or painted inside the monumental buildings themselves and objects; the amount of data available is now considerable.
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