Ira Noveck: Experimental Pragmatics - Fabriqué en Lyon

Le 13 mars 2019

Salon de la résidence IEA
3 Allée de Fontenay, 69007 Lyon

This talk will provide an overview of an interdisciplinary field of research, Experimental Pragmatics, that was born here in Lyon. This field evaluates theories of linguistic-pragmatics.

This field evaluates theories of linguistic-pragmatics (which is the subfield of linguistics that is essentially concerned with utterance understanding) while investigating pragmatic phenomena, such as reference, logical inference comprehension, metaphor, and irony (to name a few topics). The field is considered experimental because (it avoids armchair theorizing and instead) puts pragmatic accounts through their paces via experimental investigation. My goal for the talk is to share some original findings that emerged from this approach and explain why they have gained some traction in the cognitive science literature all the while highlighting how the field edifies views on communication.

Ira Noveck est directeur de recherche CNRS à l'Institut des sciences cognitives-Marc Jeannerod, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. Il a publié récemment un livre « Experimental Pragmatics: The making of a cognitive science » (Cambridge University Press)