Marketa Caravolas: Spelling and Handwriting Difficulties in Dyslexia, and, On Translating Research Outputs to Societal Impacts -- the case of MABEL

On The June 2, 2020

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Video-conference seminar

Dyslexia is the most common, language-based, learning disorder and one of its most pervasive manifestations is weak spelling skills. Many individuals with dyslexia also have poorly legible and disfluent handwriting, handwriting being a skill of the motor domain.

How spelling and handwriting are related is not yet clearly understood. In the study presented, both skills were examined in children with dyslexia, and results suggest that their handwriting difficulties are a consequence of weak spelling knowledge and not an additional motor problem per se.

The second part of this presentation will focus on a contemporary demand of much research in the social sciences to bring measurable benefits for society. The Multilanguage Assessment Battery of Early Literacy (MABEL) is one such output of an international literacy research project. MABEL is a free, web-based resource intended for use by educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, and special educational needs teachers to support their diagnostic work with children.

Markéta Caravolas is Reader in Psychology at Bangor University, Wales, UK and a 2019-2020 fellow of the Collegium de Lyon.